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Companies simply don’t have a lot of time to develop relationships with bloggers.  One of the fastest growing teams in companies is digital media, social marketers, social media, bloggers, (on and on) with some 50 million blogs available and that number doubling every 6 and half months.  About 175,000 weblogs are created every day with 2 blogs being created each second of the day according to Technorati.  Literally 1.6 million posts are made daily!

That tells us that this world is booming.  It also tells us that there are a lot of conversations going on and people are talking about something.  We get calls all the time from folks asking us, how do get started in social media? What do your campaigns look like?

So we wanted to provide you with two insider tips to help you get started with research. The first: the Blogger Black Book. It’s a hefty price tag, but gives you tools and access into the realm of helping your team track conversations.  Some of the stats in this realm will make your entire C-Suite lean in, like 300% of purchases now are made off a blog recommendation versus a traditional news piece.  This is astounding!

A free source we use is Blog Pulse.  At the start of any campaign we track all conversations from a client and offer concrete coaching tips on moving forward.  You would be amazed at what you find.  Just make sure to use quotes in the search menu when getting started!

Also, make sure your own blog is claimed in Technorati’s search engine so folks can easily begin to find you.