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Engaging Brand Evangelists

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These days, everyone seems to be scrambling to learn as much information as possible with latest trends and happenings regarding social media, including the media!  Terms and tools are flying around the internet faster than you can name them.  In the last week alone, I have heard of three new applications to manage social media postings.  It can no doubt be overwhelming.  You might be thinking, I have work to get done and don’t have time for this!  That is exactly what I thought until I got started.

I guarantee you that more business will come to you from going where the conversations are.

Be a part of what is being talked about. Just remember this cardinal rule: don’t toot your own horn all the time. It is a major turn off, when in reality, folks just want to have a conversation with you.  Do you check out in the grocery store and tell the cashier how great you are? (I hope not!) No, he or she would be extremely turned off if you did that. However, if you strike up a conversation with him or her and ask them questions, they will no doubt tell you about the latest event in their life. Now, when my wife and I go through the check-out line, we share stories and pictures of the kids because we have built a relationship with the cashiers.

People want to know you care. Customers want to know that you have customer service concerns in mind. Let them talk to you and actually listen. The converse is also true: it’s OK to talk with the customer while using all media platforms at the same time.  The top down model is no longer the way to go. Those days are over. Just take a look at corporate America. It is falling apart because many companies still want to run their corporations that way…like Toyota.

Think the same way with building your social media campaigns – talk with the public and listen to what they have to say.