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Tiger Woods Admission of Guilt: Press Conference Faux?

Submitted by on February 18, 2010 – 5:02 pmNo Comment

Tiger Woods is scheduled to give a ‘press conference’ tomorrow at 11:00am. The only problem? No press is allowed to attend…Huh?

After waiting three months for him to come out of hiding, Tiger has agreed to speak and offer a public apology, but on his terms – five minutes, no press, no questions – only cameras in the room with his mother, Tida, among other family, friends and associates in the audience. Is this a good PR strategy to restore his image and reputation with the public?

The quandary with this approach is no matter what Tiger says, it won’t be good enough. People have questions they want answered. Giving a five minute ‘statement’ is  going to arouse more curiosity,  produce more questions, and force the media to get responses from other sources (never a good idea to let others speak on your behalf!) since they cannot get a direct response from Tiger. It will create a media frenzy as they analyze (with other ‘sources’) Tiger’s approach, what they ‘suppose’ he meant and if he handled the situation properly. In this case, he would be better off not saying anything.

Tiger Woods agent, Mark Steinberg, says, “Tiger wants to begin the process of making amends and that’s what he’s going to discuss.” To really begin the healing process, I believe it’s best for Tiger to not leave unanswered questions. When a crisis breaks about your brand, you come clean quickly and tell your story before others do. This still holds true for Tiger. He should invite every press who wants to attend the press conference and he should answer every question that they want to ask. He doesn’t need to go into every explicit detail, but it shows he has nothing to hide. This approach is more likely to satisfy the appetite of the hungry and allow him to recover faster, getting back his life.

What do you think?