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Increase Your Power of Selling With a First-Rate Interview:

Submitted by on March 18, 2010 – 11:47 amOne Comment

Are your interviews equating to product sales or to a measurable call of action? If not, it could be your messaging and delivery. It doesn’t matter if you have a great product; if you don’t know how to create a “must have” message and then deliver your message effectively, people won’t listen. In essence: you’ve wasted your time.

What’s the secret to a great interview and getting people to respond?

First, develop your messaging. By messaging, I’m referring to ‘the point’. People often have a hard time getting to the point of their message. They have so many points that it’s impossible for them to get all of their information into the interview, and even if they do, who honestly will care or remember it all?

When defining your message, consider:
– The relevant issues (what’s happening in the news/marketplace)
– Why the audience should care (what’s in it for them)
– Stories or illustrations you can use to show your experience and relate-ability
– Differing opinions on the topic (controversy sells!)
– The enduring message – the final emotion you want to leave the audience with

Charlie Rose once told me, “A great guest is someone with opinions who speaks from experience and authenticity. They have all the emotions that tell a great story (love, death) and when they speak, the interview lives, breaths, and engages. It’s the engagement that is able to produce the response.”

That’s the key to producing a measurable response: engage your audience. Be endearing, show emotion, use examples and illustrations, be relevant, and have some opinions! When delivery your message, don’t sell your product. Sell authenticity and truth. Sell the story. Paint the picture for the audience, so they’ll want more. Always leave them wanting more…