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Top 100 Religion Blogs

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For years, religion has intersected the media and landscape of our culture, and still does, significantly. Years ago, a religion print conference by phone was the ‘in’ thing to do; having 15-20 writers on the phone was common, along with a clipping service to track every placement. Now, blogger relations has literally taken over. Religion writing has become a burial ground for the life of many reporters. The landscape has radically changed, and so have their positions at the dailies. There are a few still surviving and some writers are open to pitches. There are also some new religion writers on the scene. However, the best way to build relationships today is to enter the writer’s space and contribute. Show them you care about their space by contributing even when you don’t have a pitch to make. Not to mention, your comment is free publicity for your organization. Subscribe to their blogs and make daily comments. It also shows the writer, you actually read their writing…this is important to building a genuine relationship. You can save time approaching the various Religion Blogs merely by knowing what they like to talk about. Here is a list of the Top 100 Religion Blogs out there to help you engage…enjoy!