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Is the Booktour Dead?

Submitted by on March 1, 2010 – 4:47 pmNo Comment

The author book tour is far from dead. You just have to be more creative in how you go about doing one and what specifically you are going to accomplish on your tour. One of the best inside secrets to going on any book tour is using available online tools to help leverage the cost of your tour.  While it is getting harder to get in front of readers, one of the best tools we have found is www.booktour.com. Not only is booktour.com a viable option, it can be linked to your Amazon Author Page as well. (In fact, enough interest in booktour.com was shown to garner $350,000 from Amazon.) The benefits to posting here are numerous including subscribers to booktour.com get notices of any authors coming to their area so people automatically know if you’re in town; you can add widgets to your site, showcasing your events live or follow other events going on; or follow a genre of writing which means you can target your demographic audience…the list goes on.  This is a sure fire way to help continue to build your online presence as an author while selling  books at the same time. We recommend you stay current by following their team on Twitter: Book Tour on Twitter