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Reaching Influencers to Get PR Results

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Reaching influencers is the key to garnering publicity results. What’s the best way to reach today’s influencers? Use a combination of efforts and you will see the most results.  In recent posts, I have talked about entering the space of bloggers and joining in the conversation online.  Here is a classic example from Media Bistro that my efforts garnered last week.  The blogger posted my comments in his blog and then linked back to our website.  Several things happened as a result this – all of which were good.  We stuck to our strategy of entering the space of bloggers, speaking our language as it relates to books and publishing.

 On top of all that, there are some services available, as opposed to the traditional wire service, that have some nice features like posting video clips and tweeting capabilities from a Social Media Release (SMR), which in conjunction to blogging, can really push a story further. 

 Here is a quick rundown of some of the press release distribution services we have used. 

  • Pitchengine – some features include tweeting capabilities, video posting and client brand management.  A Social Media Release (SMR) we posted recently for client Hope for the Heroes had over 75 views online from influencers.  This service offers a free 30 day trial and the capability to run an online newsroom service for a small monthly fee.  Pitchengine also partnered with Technorati and Mymediainfo which make this an extremely viable source.
  • PRlog.org – offers totally free press release distribution at no charge. 
  • 24-7pressrelease.com – small fee for the release distributed but economical for sure.
  • Helpareporter.com – valuable resource allowing you to track queries and stories reporters are writing.  This would allow you to pitch yourself or your expert as a source which can do wonders even when branding yourself.
  • PR Newswire – this is the service we use for larger stories and your traditional wire coverage.  The prices are full service, however you can track who hits your stories, where it gets placed online, and provide your clients with a very nice executive report for their teams. 

 We recommend using a free service in tandem with a paid service.  This will yield higher visibility if you have the budget to do so.  With the free services, make sure to run Google Alerts on your story to track it yourself, as some of them don’t offer tracking which is understandable.  Lastly, remember to watch the shows and read the stories of reporters you are pitching.  That can cut down on half the clutter sources get just by being knowledgeable on what they like in the first place.