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Tweets, Posts, Links and Social Media Things – Are People Reading Yours?

Submitted by on March 4, 2010 – 4:51 pmNo Comment

I’m a Facebook user; my husband, a Tweeter. When I first began using Facebook, I was guilty of what so many others are…self-promotion. I routinely posted about my travels, clients, media placements, successes, kids, and so forth, thinking if I was interested in me, certainly others would be! I laugh now at my early naivety.

If you are still using social media (Twitter/Facebook/YouTube and others) for self-promotion, you won’t accomplish much in terms of measurable results.

It seems a little ironic that as a PR professional I’m advising you to not promote yourself, but the truth is that even Jesus, the most universally known historical dignitary of all time, “made Himself of no reputation” Phil 2:7 – and today, He still has more brand evangelists in the world than anyone else on Twitter or Facebook!

Instead, develop a strategic social media PR plan. Other companies have done this and found success: Dell has booked more than $3 million in revenue using Twitter and Comcast has used Twitter to help dramatically boost its customer satisfaction scores nationwide. The key is to engage followers & build brand evangelists by posting and tweeting useful tips, valuable links, and articles of substance – that will HELP your friends and followers. As your posts move from self-centered to others-centered, you’ll engage more people and followers. Practically speaking, if you’re a marital professional who authors’ books and holds seminars on the subject of marriage, why not tweet and post helpful tips from your book – insider information they can’t get anywhere else – on how to have a successful marriage, as well as offer support links and tools that will better their marriage. This is much more effective than, “I’m at DFW boarding a plane to my next marriage seminar.” Honestly, who cares?!

Jesus was all about others, never about self, and as He was about others, people followed Him. As you provide valuable information, for the benefit of others, I guarantee more people will begin to read your posts and follow your tweets, and become your brand evangelists.