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15 Tips to Landing a National Interview

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 While the entire media platform is expanding daily between mobile video and online consumption, all and all TV is still at the top. 

What does this mean for you, getting publicity for your story, when the media world is as cluttered as the publishing world?

 Last week, Fresh Impact PR Group personally spoke with CNN, ABC News, CBS and PBS ‘Nightly News’to help you push through that clutter.  Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Know the show’s program and watch previous guests they’ve had on. 
  2. Make your pitch one month in advance of your target date and do your due diligence.
  3. Tie your story into current events to find the angle into the show.
  4. Pitch the assigment desk first, as they are prone to passing the story out to appropriate producers and shows.
  5. CC any producers or personal contacts letting them know you are pitching other producers out of respect.
  6. DO NOT send blanket, mass market emails as they will get deleted; make your messages personal.
  7. Pitch the ‘arc’ of a story showing it has shelf life.
  8. Remember all top rated shows can use online content more frequently.  Meaning, if LIVE TV only has 3-5 minutes, online needs refresher news on a high turner over rate.  They need more content online, not too mention, all stations have their own online producers!
  9. Provide data and content visiualization. Make their job easier.
  10. Be provacative, edgy and creative.  Remember, anyone these days is an expert – prove to them why they need you on the show. 
  11. Online users consume differently than TV viewers; keep this in mind when pitching different producers.
  12. Demonstrate you know who you are talking to.
  13. Reference a show they have done in the past to show you have knowledge of their programming.
  14. Bring your headline to life as most producers only read the ‘header’ and one or two lines in; if you don’t hook them by then, your pitch will be deleted.
  15. Because of budget cuts, pitch local bureaus with faces to the story. National’s are more likely to cover a story to save money in a city where they have a bureau. 

Keep these tips in mind when pitching your story and you’re sure to have success!