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Authoring and Marketing a Book in Today’s Landscape

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The book market is oversaturated with books and authors. According to Publishers Weekly, some 750,000 books were self or micro-niche published in 2009 alone.   

This isn’t to discourage a budding author; it just brings a little reality check. Even though there are more options for getting published, how do you decide if your project is worthwhile and, if you do publish, how to market your book?

Here are some surefire tips: 

  1. Educate yourself on the book market or call someone who is from the publishing world. Even authors who published as little as two years ago need to be re-educated with all the on-going industry changes.  A great tradeshow to attend is Book Expo America in NYC until 2012. This is a tremendous time to connect with other authors, hear the latest trends, and witness the vast scope of the book market industry. 
  2. Go to the bookstore and see what books are selling in the space you want to write about.  It’s vital to know the marketplace competition and how you’ll reach new readers.
  3. Contact a team of people outside your sphere of influence and drill them for honest feedback. Your peers and friends are more than likely to tell you what you want to hear, but it may not be the best input to take your book to the next level.
  4. Use the crowd sourcing concept and go where large groups are already gathering like book festivals or summer book fairs to gain local, grass roots followers.  Many of those events are open to local authors. 
  5. Begin building an online community. Often books on the NY Times bestseller’s list land there because they have a following before the book is released. Build a micro book site, launch your weblog, begin engaging in online conversations to create interest surrounding your topic. Build loyalty, brand, and followers long before the book is released so you have instant affinity and buyers when your book is available.
  6. Have more than a Facebook page. A fan page is a good place to display information and helpful tips, but by joining a community page, you can share your knowledge with more users.
  7. Own the space you want to write about – if you want to be known for something, find all the associated people speaking into that consumer audience and join the conversation. Post links from your social networking tools to articles directly related to that space. Provide tips and valuable insights from your perspective. Also, make daily video posts on YouTube about your topic.

This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch, but a good place to get started. Visit our blog often for more author tips or let us know if you have any specific questions.