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Best Advice from Leading Publisher Penguin Putnam on Getting Published: Part 2

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Fresh Impact PR Group: How many manuscripts a year do you receive, and from that, how many do you publish? What can an author do to “set themselves apart”?

William Bauers: Honestly, I don’t know. A lot! There’s no set number of books that we publish per year either. But, we’re always looking for good books to publish. As for what authors can do to “set themselves apart?” Again, it comes down to the writing. I’m reminded of the movie A River Runs Through it where the father reads, nods, and says, “Again, half as long.” A lot of wisdom there.    

Fresh Impact PR Group: How important is it for authors to build an online presence or have a team in place to help them do so?

William Bauers: VERY! The power of online, social networking is tremendous. Really, it’s just another vehicle for building word-of-mouth buzz. The more people learning about you and blogging about you and reading your work, in every time zone, 24-7, the better.

Fresh Impact PR Group: What trends are you seeing in the Religious publishing genre?

William Bauers: Right now, bonnet books are hot. But, I’m more interested in meta-trends, and the one overarching shift in Religious publishing that I see almost everyday is a conscious desire on the part of authors and publishers to write and print messages that convey faith in an organic, sometimes raw, and always natural manner – whole Christian foods if you will. Messages that provoke thought, create culture, foster dialogue, and change souls. And sometimes, books that leave you with more questions than answers are the best, ripest ones in the bunch. 

Fresh Impact PR Group: With all the changes in the book industry regarding e-books and digital media, what can you tell authors to do to stay ahead or keep up with the curve?

William Bauers: I would say not to be too anxious about the e-revolution. Change is the only constant and how readers encounter and interact with books will continue to change as technology changes. But, the basics will stay the same: good writing, faithful readers, and community. Keep writing good books, keep reaching and growing your audience, and in the process, you’ll be blessed as you participating in building a community of faithful readers.