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Media Coaching: Maximize Your Ink Coverage

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It’s a misnomer that the longer you are on a phone interview with a reporter, the more press coverage, or ink, you’ll receive. This isn’t the case. In fact, if you have a reporter on the phone for longer than 15-20 minutes, chances are it’s because you haven’t given “quotable” information. 

 What makes something quote worthy?

Our client, Dr. Tecoy Porter, was quoted 10 times in an article for BlackPressUSA distributed to 220 newspapers nationwide. He was given a significant amount of ink, more than any other source interviewed for the same article (including Bishop TD Jakes), because he included quotable elements:

Analogies “…from Wall Street to Main Street.”

Emotions “we create an atmosphere of hope…”

Clichés “this too shall pass”

Absolutes “California just got out of the budget crisis so our members are furloughed twice a month…”

Bold action words “the strong must bare the infirmity of the weak”

Examples “we have seminars to help them…”

If you want to be quoted, begin incorporating some of these elements in your interviews, along with elements of humor, pop culture references, and rhetorical questions

We guarantee you’ll see more ink if you do, and beat out other sources in the process.