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Taking Author Sales to the Next Level: Book Marketing in a Cluttered Landscape

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Over the past several years with all the changes to the book industry we have been offering more and more comprehensive publishing campaigns for authors.  More specifically, just booking interviews these days as a stand-alone service will not sell books like it used to even two years ago. Here are some services we offer to compliment our book campaigns:

  1. Google Ad words around metadata from your book, as well as other key words.
  2. Engage in every aspect of social media – it’s not enough to have a Facebook page or be on Twitter. Fresh Impact PR Group teaches our clients to own the space they write about on a daily basis, and talk that language building up to their book launch.
  3. Run Google TV Ads on your book – with a short 3 minute video run late at night as a re-run, you can spend very little and get a lot of legs out of what some would call a ‘book trailer’.  We take that same video and post it under ‘book trailers’ on YouTube as well.
  4. We help our authors build their ‘author platform’ 6 to 9 months prior to the publishing date with grass roots, joint ventures with other partners in networks, and giving away free content. The best thing you can do is plan, plan, and execute.  I can’t tell you how many times I get calls from authors after their book is out saying, “I want to sell more books, what should I do?” Given the fact that the average shelf life of a book is only 3 months, it may be too late.
  5. Launch a micro book website around the title of your book.  We use the headlines of current news, other related authors, and related video to drive traffic to your site. Have a blog-roll of at least 10 or 15 related writers in the news that ‘YOU POST’ to regularly. That way when you go to pitch your book, those writers will already recognize you. We make sure your micro site is mobile friendly for Smartphone users and iPhones. It will make a difference in this next year for sure.
  6. Blog your book subject for 6 months before, and 6 months after, your book release. Before the book launches, post interviews of key influencers that you can pull blog readers over to your site with…helps to drive traffic and eyeballs.
  7. Pre-sell your book with an Amazon Bestseller Campaign.


Lastly, make sure your book will be digitally downloadable in all formats…offer free downloads where you can to boost traffic and build your platform.