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What Every Author Wants to Know About the Amazon Bestseller List:

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Placing on Amazon Bestseller’s list can do many things for an author:  

  • Bring clout and cache in the industry
  • Allow the sales team to get the book in more places; brick and mortar stock can be influenced by results captured online first. 
  • Help with publicity – open new doors with media who may not have otherwise been interested
  • Assist with future book acquisitions

For the past several years, we have coached authors on the tactics used for making the most of Amazon sales. We believe strongly in strategic Amazon book marketing pushes because Amazon tends to be the sales channel other sales channel watch. Amazon is one of the most heavily weighted reporting systems because it is the only reporting system that captures sales, and then reports the sales directly to the New York Times Bestseller’s list; as soon as 1,000 orders are put through Amazon, an automated email gets generated and sent to the New York Times.

Our proprietary Amazon system is significantly different than the so-called “competitors” who order or have all their friends order books on ‘one’ given day. There are loopholes and guesswork with this plan: it limits your sales window and you may not know the right day to have everyone purchase the book; you may pick the wrong day. Pick the wrong day and you diminish your chances of hitting the list, as well as ranking at a top spot. Fresh Impact knows the days to report. We allow customers to order the book when they like, yet still ensure that all sales get reported to Amazon when we want them to be reported. We also ensure all the books are ordered and at the proper reporting channels on time; no books, no shipping, no reporting – then no bestseller’s list. This is a critical component. Imagine spending all the time and money, telling everyone to order on one day, only to find out that Amazon didn’t have enough inventories. I have personally heard of this nightmare from more than one author.

Our system works and can be utilized several ways for the overall scope of an author platform.