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Delivering Your Message On Air

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You have newsworthy message points and sound bites. You’ve spent time learning about your interviewer and your audience. You’ve anticipated some tough questions and have come up with answers directly related to your message. But now it’s time to deliver the message on air.

How do you do this successfully? Here are some pointers:


    • Reiterate your three message points for the duration of the interview using different illustrations, stories, emotions, or analogies to add interest to your points.
    • State your most important point FIRST and stick to your points. 
    • Answer a specific question with a specific answer, but keep it brief,  and then bridge the interview back to one of your main points.
    • If the interviewer begins asking difficult or contrary questions, watch the pitch of your voice. Don’t become argumentative or combative.
    • Build positive answers to negative questions. Never answer a negative question with a negative response or rephrase the reporter’s negative question before responding (i.e. “No, I’m not guilty.”; “I never said that.”; etc) Instead, use positive responses, “The future of our company is bright…”; “Our customers like and need these products.”; “What I said is…”
    • If you haven’t done many interviews, or this is your first, start with a phone interview and keep your message points directly in front of you, to help you learn your message before going on live television.   

    Just because you successfully communicated your message in the first 30 seconds of the interview, that does not mean that now you’re done. Continue to reiterate your message for the duration of the interview without sounding rehearsed or repetitive by using different examples.

    If you find yourself trying to think of what to say during the interview, you aren’t properly prepared and don’t know your message well enough. Discipline your message points and do your thinking ahead of time.

    When you’re prepared and focused, your message will be clear and concise, resulting in product sales and greater visibility for you.