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Using ‘Cloaked PR’ to sell your Personal Brand:

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It always amazes me when I hear authors say what they will and won’t do to sell their books. I had an author say to me, “I will only do high-profile interviews; that is all I really have time for.” That was a key indicator to me as to the reality of where this author was, and how limited their understanding was of the value of directly communicating with their audience through online opportunities.

In today’s market, authors need to do everything they can to reach readers and gain market share. No longer do authors have the luxury to pick-and-choose what they will and what they won’t do; if they don’t promote their message, someone else with an analogous message will promote it in places they weren’t willing. We tell authors all the time to ‘own the space’ they write about.  Find all the bloggers and online conversations that pertain to your message and enter that space.  Cloak your answers and give people and readers some value that leads them to your personal brand.  It is free publicity, and a great way to begin taking your personal brand to another level while introducing yourself to new audience groups.  Giving an answer on a blog in a way that doesn’t sound like a personal pitch for something definitely takes learning.  Done the right way, however, can produce results over time if an author is consistent with it. 

What online conversations have you entered lately and what was the result?