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Amazon as a Top Book Marketing Tool

Submitted by on July 26, 2010 – 12:53 pm2 Comments

Today our client witnessed a 1 million percent sales increase in his book, Followership, with Fresh Impact PR Group’s Amazon Bestseller Strategy. Originally ranked at 684,349 on Amazon, Followership began moving up the ranks this morning to #66 on Amazon’s Bestseller List, beating out John Hagee, and landed at #1 on Amazon’s “Movers and Shakers” list.

For the past several years, we have coached authors on the tactics used for making the most of Amazon sales. We believe strongly in strategic Amazon book marketing pushes because Amazon tends to be the sales channel other sales channel watch. Amazon is one of the most heavily weighted reporting systems because it is the only reporting system that captures sales, and then reports the sales directly to the New York Times Bestseller’s list; as soon as 1,000 orders are funneled through Amazon, an automated email gets generated and sent to the New York Times.

Placing on Amazon Bestseller’s list can do many things for an author including helping the sales team to get the book in more places; brick and mortar stock can be influenced by results captured online first. As well as helping with publicity; a high rank on Amazon has given our authors more interviews opening new doors with media who may not have otherwise been interested. 

I’m so pleased that we’re able to offer this service to all authors at such an affordable price. It’s always exciting to watch a book rise to the top on Amazon, coupled with quality interviews, its great PR and book marketing.

  • It would be great to see if an increase in sales on an author’s Amazon site correlate with an increase in sales on an author’s own website. I’m sure there must be many situations where a certain media exposure or interview could lead people to search an author’s name…leading to an increase in sales at both sites.

  • Cathi,
    we agree, and we have seen this happen on occasion. Media does draw attention to folks searching for an author, as well as SEO and Google rank. Authors need to make sure when doing interviews that all the supporting elements are in place to capitalize on the interview (i.e. have the book for sale on their site, give the website address, have the book priced competitively, etc).

    Readers are savvy and shop for the best price, so price point plays a big part as to where readers will purchase a book.