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Engage Your Local Market – PR Tips to landing local interviews:

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As old school PR meets the new school of PR, some of the journalism practices and landing interviews still apply; getting mentions in the news, no matter what format they are delivered in, an online magazine, trade publication, radio or TV interview, or a blog, make a difference. 

Years back, all the national shows would scour the headlines with physical newspapers looking for stories that warranted coverage. Guess what, they still look for stories, just the way they do that has changed. Even though the web has led stories to become more national and international in coverage; many times, local coverage in enough markets can lead to national coverage.    

Here are some tips to getting local coverage:

  1. Follow local reporters and producers story’s that cover your genre, and comment on their stories online.
  2. Subscribe to those producers Twitter or Facebook feeds and post suggestions to their stories as an expert, or provide credible comments leading them to a larger story with you as the source.  Also, many times, these national producers have other local producers in their Twitter follower or feeds where you can find additional sources. 
  3. Watch the local news and read the local papers. Authors should send books, or whatever product you are pitching, to that outlet. Remember, make sure to tell them you “read their recent story”, or “watched last night’s show” which is why you are sending this, as this alerts them that you know their reporting.  Producers love knowing you are up on what they like.
  4. Local reporters are constantly on the hunt for good local experts, and in fact, need them.  Provide feedback that is credible and proven when pitching – do your homework. 
  5. Remember, local outlets have separate producers for online news now – they take pitches that are slightly different, but still need ideas as well. 
  6. If you do the work and research upfront for the local reporter, to make their job easier, many times you cannot only land the interview, you can become a regular source for them.

Make sure you collect copies of or hyperlink any interviews you land to share on your network, as it helps credibility with consumers, clients and other media.