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Promoting Your Book: Holographic Imaging

Submitted by on July 8, 2010 – 7:43 amNo Comment

I’m always interested in new ways to market and promote a book. Not just new ways with new technologies, but book publicity and book marketing tools that are effective.

I was in a book marketing meeting in Florida last week with about twelve folks in the publishing industry, including a renowned ghost writer. I was honored to be a part of this great team engineered by a colleague. During the meeting, a small branding presentation was done discussing a technology service called Musion.  A holographic imaging that allows a person to be in one location and simultaneously be in several other locations; the application can be used for multiple purposes including keynote speeches, live events, entertainment, etc. Apparently, with a router purchase for as little as two hundred dollars you can be up and running.   

This got me brainstorming on the possibilities for promoting a book using this technology. Imagine doing a press conference this way to be able to join in for a LIVE event discussion, or a breaking news story; a book tour with a room full of media in LA, while speaking to press in NYC; or a book signing with the author in one city while being simulcast to another city? If only we could sign digital copies of our ebooks then we could really have something special. 

What’s your opinion, could it work? Would you as a viewer or consumer watch someone in holograph form? Sound off, I want to hear your ideas on this after you watch the video.