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Promoting Ebooks

Submitted by on August 9, 2010 – 1:01 pmNo Comment

The topic of much discussion, Barnes and Noble, the nation’s largest book retailer, is up for sale. Possibly good news for independent book stores, the long term opportunity for any bricks-and-mortar store’s survival is internet sales and digital books.

As the entire book market deals with the transition of digital books and online sales, I wanted to provide some insight into making your digital book a PR success, given the fact that it still takes a promotional plan to actually sell the book:

  1.  A good starting point, make sure your book is available in all eReader formats (i.e. Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader) not just one, as well as available on all phone applications (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone, etc). Diversify your book’s availability as best as possible.
  2. Find all the local Indie stores in your area, as well as the major chains, and get in their online stores.  Get creative with your local indie stores and offer them something personal for their customers, like a free one-hour online workshop for anyone who purchases the digital book off their online store. 
  3. Launch a micro-book website with daily Facebook posts, Twitter updates, and a blog. Readers, whether digital or hardback, love to interact with authors personally. Include video on the content of the book which viewers can easily share.
  4. Make the content of the digital read interactive if possible by giving hyperlinks in the content and sending them to all your online portals and social media pages.  As we have mentioned before, metadata is crucial right now as people search for terms, words, phrases of every kind.
  5. An effective social media campaign is critical to viral success. Promotional launches, free content, blogger tour, and providing people with quality content, value, and personal access and interaction with you is key. It’s important to talk WITH people, not AT them.