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Steven Slater’s Popularity on Facebook (and how you can be popular too)

Submitted by on August 12, 2010 – 5:34 pmNo Comment

One day after Steven Slater cursed out passengers over JetBlue’s PA system, grabbed two beers, and left the plane via its inflatable emergency chute, he had over 33,000 fans on Facebook; most of them other flight attendants who had felt similar feelings but never acted on them. Just three days later, Slater has over 190,000 fans on Facebook comprised of everyday employees who know exactly how he feels. They relate to Slater.

The success of Steven Slater on Facebook brings up a recurring theme we often visit with clients: in the social media realm, you need to associate with people. There is still a disconnect for brands who continue to wrongly use social media to broadcast their news, while consumers use social media to dialogue and converse with others – like themselves.

Social media is an effective, viable platform for spreading your message. In fact, Facebook is one of the hottest, fastest growing—and most effective—social networks available to brands, when engaged correctly.  If you want to REACH people, create an ongoing dialogue that makes your brand more accessible and more meaningful to people’s daily life. If you reach people who see and share the value of your brand, they’ll not only “like” you and become a fan, they’re likely to become a customer.

Go dialogue.