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Sugarbabe Holly Hill’s Provocative Story: A PR Lesson for All

Submitted by on August 5, 2010 – 8:50 am2 Comments

Infidelity. Thought-provoking. Offensive. Distinctive. Controversial. A social experiment. These are a few words that come to mind and describe why the book Sugarbabe and author Holly Hill are taking the media and public by storm. By now, you’re probably familiar with her story.

I’m admit, I’m not a fan of her ethics; I don’t endorse infidelity (negotiated or not). I caught her interview on Larry King and having media coached several authors and national personalities, she didn’t impress me. However, regardless of what I think of her book and her ability to communicate her message there is a defining PR truth and lesson here that cannot be denied: if you want your story to catch wind, you must separate yourself and your story from the pack.

Sugarbabe Holly Hill is distinctive. She’s preaching a one-of-a-kind message; not many people advocate “negotiated infidelity”. What’s more, the subject is highly-debated. I’ve talked earlier about the PR buzz created around controversial stories and how to use it to your advantage when promoting your brand.

Today I pose the question: what is matchless about your message? That hidden gem that is exclusively characteristic only to you? This is critical to getting your message heard. A PR professional’s job is to help determine what’s exceptional about your message (and trust me, any story worth telling does have a special quality) so people will listen to what you have to say. If you’re not working with a PR professional, do your due diligence; listen to the conversations online and watch what stories the local and national shows are covering. But above all, make sure your message is bold, strong, and different.

  • Dr. Jay Ferraro

    Thank you Fresh Impact team for your sage advice! Just goes to show that our greatest teachers are sometimes the least healthiest amongst us.

  • Julie Spiewak

    Thanks for your comment and insight Dr. Jay. Cheers to the voices that need to be heard will heed the advice and arise.