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The Power of a Presale Offer

Submitted by on August 16, 2010 – 2:14 pmOne Comment

A presale offer is bundling the sale of your book with other items of value to generate advanced sales of your soon-to-be-released product. The bundle package could include downloadable or hard-shipped products, audio coaching session, free webinar session, free subscription, or discount coupon – anything of importance to a consumer to make them want to preorder your book. Pre-selling your book can be a great boost for any author into the marketplace for several reasons:

  1.)  If you pre-sell your book on a book micro-site, you can build your author brand around readers or followers coming to your site. Some of our presale offers have yielded as many as 14,000 books sold before our author even hits the bookstore.

  2.) Through the presale offer, you can lead consumers to your social media networks as a real-time way to interact with potential readers and create viral relations and sales. 

3.) Presale orders are then used to report to a bestsellers list. Tactfully, we then report those sales at a strategic time to impact the book market, wrapped with publicity efforts, it works!

4.) It shows readers that you are educated and aware of the crowded market by getting your book out in the marketplace early. 

I know. I can hear everyone saying, “Well great. What happens after the presale?” Or, “Aren’t we supposed to sell all of our books through the bookstores?”

I’ll give that to you next Monday – sustaining sales and giving your book longer shelf life than ever expected.