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Using Remnant Ad Space to Promote Your Brand

Submitted by on August 2, 2010 – 10:21 am2 Comments

With any book push into the marketplace, making the best use of dollars spent these days can take some extensive collaboration.  It also takes finding out what the left arm is doing, so the right arm can compliment and be in ‘concert’ with the left. 

Our client Rich Horwath is a perfect case in point.  Rich has a front table display this fall with Hudson Booksellers which are in many of the key airports across the country in top markets. With magazines being in a budget crunch and so many scrambling for ad dollars, we used this opportunity to capitalize on landing Rich in five top print publications that compliment his book and core brand as an author with placements in Harvard Business Review, Fortune Magazine, CEO Magazine, CLO Magazine, as well as Training & Development Magazine. Fresh Impact PR Group’s team developed the ad, designed the layout, and purchased the remnant ad buys for Rich. Not only did we save the client thousands of dollars (over $84,000.00!) by offering cash for full page ads, approximately 90% off retail, but we helped set up a very nice ad and penetrate the book market for pennies on the dollar. With the ads running this fall, we will coincide our PR campaign to give the book extra visibility and exposure, completing our goal.

Keep an eye out for Rich throughout the airports and in the media this fall!

  • “Strategic thinking is the most valued skill in leaders today,” reports Chief Executive Magazine. But only 3 out of every 10 managers are strategic. And the harsh reality is that the #1 cause of bankruptcy is bad strategy.

  • Well said and couldn’t agree more. I think more companies would value hearing from a strategy expert.