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Giving Reporters What They Want and Need to Produce RESULTS:

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Reporters, more often than not, work off trends, breaking news stories and tight deadlines where turnaround time is quintessential. Reporters love and appreciate when you can offer them insightful, timely feedback and deliver an expert or resource that makes sense for their story in time for their deadline. 

A perfect case in point: business writer Matt Egan at Fox Busines.com  needed comments for a story he was writing relating to new software the New York Jets have been implementing to increase their food sales, foot traffic and car counts, all from a real-time-data touch screen.  Even though our client isn’t necessarily a sports expert or a software expert, because he could speak to business and strategy, we found a way to weave our client and his brand into the story for a few mentions in the article. (Read the article to see how we positioned him.)

To position yourself as an expert or resource, read that day’s headlines and see if there are any stories where you may be a good fit, then reach out to the news station or reporter to see if you can be of help.  Ask the reporter first and foremost what their deadline is for the story. Provide the reporter with quotable soundbites, interesting facts, audio, video, photos, anything and everything they need to make their story come together. By finding a way to make your brand applicable to more story lines, you can reach new ‘brand evangelists’ to grow your own audience; too many times a source can think they know who they want to reach, but there may be a whole new audience group to reach that you never knew about if you expand your search outside of just your field.