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Link Building for Search Engine Optimization

Submitted by on September 2, 2010 – 1:15 pmOne Comment

PR in its purist form is simply sharing your story with audience groups that will connect with your message. Today, we have the immense opportunity to share stories online with analogous audience types. But you can only share your story with people who can actually find you when searching for similar topics. That’s where link building strategy comes in.

Link building is inbound or one-way links from other sites to your site. Link building to your site from other high-ranking sites is critical to successful Google rank. High SEO = high search results = people finding you and reading your message. The challenge is: not all links are good; some links are highly valuable, while others prove useless. It’s not about the number of incoming links you have, it’s about the quality of links you have. We’ve seen clients competitors have more inbound links (up in the thousands) and show up in Google rank under a client who may only have 50 or 60 links.

When link building, you need to:

–           Find link prospects – sites that could link to yours

–          Evaluate link prospects to determine the quality of the site and link

–          Organize your link prospects into campaigns and keep track of whom you’ve contacted

–          Analyze sites that rank well for a particular keyword

Wordtracker is one tool we use for link-building for clients. I recommend trying them to increase your SEO. They offer a seven day trial and provide a free webinar and downloadable 54-page guide once you register. Their customer service is great and I’m sure you’ll find them helpful.

I welcome any feedback from readers who’ve tried Wordtracker or other link building sites and your experience.