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Developing Rapport with Reporters for Repeat Interviews:

Submitted by on October 25, 2010 – 6:18 pmNo Comment

During a conference call I had today, the word “rapport” was used several times. We all laughed and mentioned the importance of not burning any bridges ever in the media industry, and the business world for that matter. 

Last month I blogged about giving reporters what they want and need to produce an interview, and ultimately, results for your brand. I thought I’d follow up that blog with an additional, deeper perspective: when you give the producer what they want and need in a timely manner, you build rapport and credibility with them. When credibility and rapport are built, they’ll turn to you again the next time they need help for an interview. 

Case in point, one reporter that interviewed and incorporated a client of ours for a national business story last month, turned to me again for additional expert input when they needed another source for a different article. I cannot tell you the amount of times this has happened. As a direct result of handling the situation with professionalism and strong media rapport, the reporter reached out to me again. This has happened directly for our clients too. When they do a good interview, many times the reporter will invite them back on the show for repeat appearances. Recently I had a client invited to be interviewed on the new Oprah Network as a direct result of their good rapport within their network and industry.

Rapport is important to building your own brand and increasing the shelf life of your message. It’s true that building a brand from the ground up takes time and money; however, something that can be learned and earned (free of charge) is rapport, which really does matter.