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The Importance of Video Messaging – Part 1

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With all the discussion currently centered on video and its multifaceted use within the viral space, we thought it would be helpful to our readers to talk with our own expert to read what he has to say. We chatted with veteran producer and award winning Senior Video and Television Producer at Eastco Worldwide and California Road Studios Erik Ticen. Below is part one of our two-part series.

Fresh Impact PR Group asked: Is it better to have a produced video or unproduced piece given all the social networking channels available for video?  

Erik Ticen: Well I suppose today online anyone can write a book, do their own PR, exhibit their artwork, blog their opinions, design a website and shoot a video without any skill needed.  And if they’re very, very lucky several people may notice.   I’m a little biased in this of course, but I still feel that 99 our of 100 times the most effective media is going to be that which is created skillfully and strategically.    And I’m not talking about “look”.   A produced video doesn’t need to feel Hollywood polished.  Some people might be surprised to discover that many of the most watched viral videos are actually scripted and produced by professional communicators who know how to speak with moving pictures.   Good writers know how to make every word matter.  Likewise an effective video producer is going to make every frame count. 

Fresh Impact PR Group asked: How important is it in today’s landscape to incorporate video into launching a brand, a book or a company?

Erik Ticen:  I’m not going to say your brand will die without it.  But I do believe everyone should strongly consider it for several reasons.  First, broadband streaming – even on mobile networks – is now the norm.  So technically its easy and painless to add a video to any website.  Secondly, we live in a visually driven world that is always in motion.  Why would you want your brand to be static?  And video is one of the most powerful ways of telling a story, which is the essence of good branding.  I’ve produced video for some unorthodox brands.  Oil burning fire booms, silicone stamping machines, manhole cover locks, obscure ministry authors and visually uninteresting finance companies.  Every time the video became an invaluable tool in getting their brand message out.

Fresh Impact PR Group asked:  What has changed in video over the last three years in terms of use and distribution?  

Erik Ticen: Last week I had a funny conversation with a young producer who graduated just a few years ago.  He called me because a client wanted a video distributed on tape to some networks.  He had never used tape before – not even in a camera – and wanted advice.  I wouldn’t have been shocked if he asked me about burning a DVD too.  Today everything is sent digitally – to your phone, iPad, computer, etc.  Proofs are digital and instant.  My editors often work remotely all around the country.  I can imagine a day in the near future when every eBook contains support video, even if it is just an “about the author” documentary or acknowledgments video.

More discussion will continue next week as Erik dialogues the future for books and if local TV is still worth it.