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The Importance of Video Messaging Part 2

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Fresh Impact PR Group asked: Is there still a need to be met with brands going local on TV?   

Erik Ticen: Absolutely.  TV is far from being dead.  In fact the latest viewing studies show that people are watching more minutes of TV than ever before.  This in addition to web viewing, video games, mobile phones, etc.  And even with many local market stations struggling, there is huge value in keeping your message regional.  Some brands are unfortunately driven by ego wanting to boast being on national TV, when the most valuable thing for them would be to pour those airtime dollars into better production and a sound local market strategy.

Fresh Impact PR Group asked: How important is it for a C-Suite leader of any organization to embrace the use of video in their organization?  

Erik Ticen: About as important as it is to embrace phones, computers and this zany new-fangled idea called public relations.  Really, if you are not communicating to eyes and ears in a language your audience can understand then you aren’t really saying much.  There is this great quote by George Bernard Shaw that hangs all over California Road Studios that says, “The single biggest problem in communication is the idea that it has taken place.”  So many chiefs naively think people understand their organization just fine – when all it would take is a well crafted video to simply and articulately express more than a million brochures could ever say.