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Five Benefits to Publishing the Non-Traditional Route:

Submitted by on November 1, 2010 – 3:38 pm2 Comments

I’ve just returned from an invigorating consulting trip in Tulsa to help a client map out some potential brand ideas, mixed with product development.  This is a strong suite for Fresh Impact PR Group; helping authors develop their brand, message, product line and big picture mission. Collaborator brainstorming is not only stimulating, but vitally necessary for fundamental success for clients. 

Uniformly in these meetings, book publishing trends and best practices are discussed. In the last two years, we have been helping authors and brands develop what we call ‘hybrid’ models to the traditional publishing route; a mix of self-publishing and traditional where the traditional does the back end distribution into stores. This not only helps eliminate book proposals and waiting to hear back from large publishing houses, but offers a solution to traditional publishing models inefficiencies. There are plenty of great models available and we love them for several reasons.

Here are our top five benefits to publishing the non-traditional route:

  1. The author can, in many cases, get higher royalties off their sales of books
  2. The author can go quicker to the market with a book idea and capitalize on an idea or brand roll out to coincide with a bigger vision
  3. The author can own the rights to their book(s), as well as have more creative involvement in the process from cover design, editorial vetting process to the marketing plans.
  4. There is more freedom for all parties involved and collaboration on what will work and what might not be the best idea
  5. There is less red tape and hoops to jump through and typically the authors love the process more. Not to mention, the ones we have been involved with still reach the mass market with distribution, eBook formats, and publicity.

Authors have options. No longer do they have to rely merely on traditional publishing models. We recommend you research your options to see what’s best for you.

  • Nice article and true to the vision of getting good works in readers hands. Thanks for pointing to a model that can be effective and exciting at the same tine.

  • Appreciate the comments Dave. Glad you liked our input. Non-Traditional publishing is certainly on the rise, no doubt.