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Holiday Story Ideas

Submitted by on November 8, 2010 – 1:50 pmNo Comment

The holiday push in stores has already started. Out and around town this weekend, the Christmas music was ringing through the speakers in every store our family visited. It feels like it gets earlier and earlier each year.

This got me thinking about campaigns we’re handling and tying them into the season. If you conducted a quick keyword search surrounding the holiday, you’ll find that holiday stories are searched at 100% relative frequency and several other long tails surrounding holiday stories are searched too. Any good PR story can be tied into the holidays approaching this season. There are ‘evergreen stories’ producers and reporters cover every holiday: food, events, spending/budget, best/worst toys, handling stress, etc.  This year some will take top spot over others. Here are a few quick tips on making that happen in your market for your brand or business.

When pitching stories to tie into the holidays look at your pitch from the perspective of the writer or producer.  Don’t always have a product to push but meet a need for the writer/producer.  A plug will be sure to follow. Do the writing and research for the producers to get more traction with your pitch. For example, economy stories given the current election landscape are a major hot button and will be even through the New Year; doing the holidays on a budget if you’re a finance expert should play out nicely.  When making a pitch offer not only budget ideas but where to get deals and practical input for writers to turn to. 

A few other evergreen stories during the holidays are: depression, charities and non-profits surviving during a down economy, families being reunited including soldiers coming home, inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy, eating healthy and keeping weight off around the holidays.

Holiday placements prove to have good results on selling a book, growing a product or a brand. Give the  producers what they need and watch your holiday story spread.