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Selling Your eBook in all formats

Submitted by on November 15, 2010 – 3:29 pmNo Comment

With B&N announcing they are closing stores with duplicate brick and mortar locations in one market did not come as a shock.   This means a few things; buyers and distributors are likely to start taking not only fewer titles but fewer quantities.  We have already seen that start to happen with author campaigns we are handling. 

The challenge of bookselling is constantly changing as you know and it has been.  As publishers continue to learn what is working in the eBook format with sales authors should do the same.

First and foremost make sure your book is available on all potential digital readers including the Kindle, Sony eReader, Nook, iPad and new ones forthcoming.  Here are a few other tips you can think about as the landscape changes:

  1. If you are an author with a year old book, do something unique to your book to make it new on the market by releasing it in another eReader format. 
  2. Add to your content even by making it digitally enhanced continuing to draw new audiences back to your website and social media space.
  3. Make a Vook (video book) available to reach new and younger viewers/readers that you were not with a print book.
  4. Release a P.O.D amount of print books at the same time with updated content, new research or additional real life material.
  5. Convert your website content to be mobile phone friendly to start reaching readers sooner and faster with your content.  Make sure your book is visibly seen and highlighted to sell more.
  6. If your eBook has not been selling, try offering it at a lower price during the holidays to push yourself into a new market online! (Freemimums!)
  7. Offer free coaching content off your website or blog to eBook users to begin obtaining their email addresses.  This will prove helpful in future book promotions with new eBook bestsellers list forthcoming.