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The PR Myth of Cyber Monday:

Submitted by on November 29, 2010 – 4:13 pmNo Comment

If you sell product and haven’t taken advantage of Cyber Monday online, you may have already missed the boat; it’s estimated that 70 million Americans will be shopping online today. We have talked before about tapping into holiday story angles, and today is no exception. Cyber Monday does in fact generate a lot of online buzz and momentum; however, what is hype and what is reality? 

From a PR standpoint, getting your message across all possible venues is always beneficial. Here are a couple suggestions you can think about as an author or organization to make the most of selling on Cyber Monday: 

  1. Offer more than free shipping for all online orders – throw in a ‘freemimum’ to all orders done by midnight online
  2. Make sure to offer an add-on to your shopping cart today – giving a popup window of an additional product at a deeply discounted rate.
  3. Tie in your brand messaging to holiday offers by mentioning Cyber Monday on your blog or Twitter account.
  4. If you are an author – give the first 100 people who want your latest book a free download to build your brand following
  5. Use Twitter hashtags and social media to drive visitors to your brand by playing off Cyber Monday by making your content relevant
  6. Get out of the rut of doing what you have always done every holiday season and make whatever change necessary to connect with more people 

If all else fails, you can do what the retail and online stores do when they want to extend the “Cyber Monday” marketing momentum: create another day, deal, bestselling offer that tops today’s!