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The Future of eBooks

Submitted by on December 9, 2010 – 4:26 pmNo Comment

It’s clear that digital publishing is the wave of the future. EBook sales increased 112% in October. The eBook sellers market is also increasing; growing more crowded with additional player Google eBooks joining the ranks. With the swell of Christmas sales and digital e-readers at every turn, we believe eBook reading and the market competition between online bookstores and devices will only escalate.  Color versions of the Nook and newer Kindles, as well as the iPad, are most likely to be found under this season’s Christmas trees.

But as readers delve into this new digital reading experience and authors consider their publishing future, I’d like to discuss the value of and the difference between enhanced eBooks versus the now “traditional” eBook.  An eBook is reading the book from a digital device typically with no enhancement of video or author interaction, just straight content. Almost like reading a PDF file from a computer. An enhanced eBook has written content as well as both audio and video available, and apps to your mobile device, depending on which device you are experiencing your eBook from. They contain video of author interviews, comments, and discussions to give the reader a more personal, interactive experience. Additionally, incorporating the capabilities to share an experience from an author to your social network directly from the book is matchless. We believe this is the reading of the future. The benefit to both an eBook and an enhanced eBook is purchasing power at your fingertips; both have tremendous benefits to authors and consumers and help publishers severely cut production costs.

Which device are you reading from?  Have you experienced an enhanced eBook yet?