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Advice to be a Successful Author

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We’re always looking for ways to help authors become successful so ultimately they sell more books and reach more audiences with their message. Below is some success strategies based on what we know to be true, what we’ve seen work and not work, and what other professional colleagues and publishers share with us daily:


    1. Fill a marketplace need – The market is saturated with writers now that vanity publishers and self-published books are popular and more readily available. To rise from the competition, make sure you’re filling a marketplace need; find the solution to the questions people are asking. Also, know your competition and make your product different.
    2. Your platform – Large NY publishing houses no longer have the resources to look for budding authors who can actually write. They desire large authors who have a pre-existing platform to sell books: Twitter, Facebook, a weekly television program or appearances, speaking engagements, LinkedIn, etc. In order to build your brand and sell your book, first build your platform. If you have a database of 10,000, your LinkedIn should be bigger than 100 contacts. Take time to build relationships and network. Then you can build supplemental brand extensions.
    3. Watch your price point – many books are overpriced for today’s current market given the fact of that consumers can purchase books for less with Amazon and ebook pricing. A well-respected publisher recently told me that their “sweet spot” is around $9.99 per book. Consider producing a high-quality paperback over a hardcover and price it in the “sweet spot”.
    4. What qualifies you to write a book doesn’t necessarily qualify you to sell your book on a large, national scale. Perhaps hitting secondary markets and going hyper-local will actually build your book market loyalty, and help extend and grow your book into the national level.
    5. Make your book and author pages readily available where readers are reading – mobile reading, mobile pr and mobile downloads.

    These are small, simple, practical steps to take to making your product a greater success.