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Boost Your Search Engine Optimization and Double Your Response Rate

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Does your company have a business strategy for 2011? Does it involve PR and getting more customers, sales, and visitors to your site? Maybe you’ve heard about the business strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but you aren’t entirely certain what that means or involves, or how it can help your business grow.

In reference to PR, one of the benefits of strategic SEO is that by following a few simple guidelines you can begin increasing visibility of your brand to new customers and visitors and begin increasing loyalty and sales by generating traffic to your website. Here’s how:  

1.)    Content – “Content is king” is the true saying. Begin by offering content of value and let your visitors know in the headline and in the first paragraph of each website page, what’s in it for them.

2.)    Link BuildingInbound and outbound links are critical and should be included in your content. Linking to other articles on your site helps your readers find other relevant information and brings a benefit of directing bots to deeper content within your site. Linking to external sites that rank well for your keywords is also advantageous.

3.)    Keywords – Many people make the mistake of using different pages to target the same keywords. Instead, focus each of your website page’s SEO on a primary and secondary keyword. Use a service like Wordtracker to conduct some quick research and see if there are any keywords that are suitable for your page’s content and that you can use logically in your copy.

4.)    Keyword Positioning – Once you have your target keywords, use them in strategic places like the page title tag, description tag, headlines, sub-headlines, and text and in external and internal links. Make sure though that you don’t overdo it with the keywords (a.k.a. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon).

By incorporating these business strategy practices, you will help people find what they are looking for, and increase your SEO website traffic in the process.