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Building Word of Mouth PR

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There isn’t one author who doesn’t love greeting readers and signing copies of their new book.  After all, meeting readers face-to-face is the best way to build a brand and get folks to hear your message. After several months of editing and writing, it is absolutely a rewarding experience to see a book you worked so hard on come to fruition.  It always blesses me to know our part made a difference in someone else’s life long plan. 

 This weekend was no different for client Brig Hart, author of Why Not You, Why Not Now, who signed copies of his new book before an audience of 5,000. Brig is without a doubt the top relational marketer in the business and one of the best motivators I have ever met. As a top marketer, I noticed a few lessons from Brig which I thought would benefit you:

  1. He took the time to personally meet every person that wanted to talk and share a personal story. A personal touch for brand followers builds your brand and makes it touchable.  Never be so busy you can’t touch someone or share, it might make all the difference in the world.  Just remember, everything you say can be spread in multiple ways.
  2. He shared candidly with every audience member life stories not for his own gain, but for theirs.  This made them want to connect with the brand.
  3. Every person at the book table took a picture with Brig and received a personal message inked in the book. This helps brand recognition outside your core audience and lends itself to sharing on social networks.
  4. Everywhere Brig went, he carried a copy of his book in his arms letting people know this message matters to him. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked authors to do this and, surprisingly, they don’t.
  5. His brand message was not only present and recognizable in book form, but represented in the way he carried himself at every moment.  This made the brand believable.