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How To Be A Guest on Piers Morgan New CNN Show:

Submitted by on January 17, 2011 – 4:55 amOne Comment

Piers Morgan’s new show on CNN debuts tonight and top name celebrities like Oprah and George Clooney will be joining him to try to help him beat Fox News in the ratings. How would you like to join these ranks to be interviewed among the best?

 Having secured many national interviews over the years, we know what reporters are looking for. Here are three tips to landing national media:

1.)    Think like a reporter – reporters want to find the relevant newsworthy stories that people are talking about that day and be the first to cover it. Taylor your message to their beat; make your story relevant by tying it into that day’s headline.

2.)    Provide a solution – reporters want answers. If you provide a solution to their need, they’re more likely to include you in the story.

3.)     Be knowledgeable on what they cover – watch what stories the media is covering and gear your pitch to an angle you know interests a specific reporter. Let them know you’ve seen their recent show on “XYZ”, or read their last article on “ABC”.

There isn’t an author alive who doesn’t love doing an interview at the national level; at least, I haven’t met one. With all the marketing tools and social media available, an interview can get a lot more ‘viewers’ than it actually used to as it’s spread virally online. Spreading the interview after it has happened can many times give a message an extra day or two to appear as a news story in another medium. It is also easier as an author to equate what the interview did for them with Nielsen Book Scan.

  • The Author Central on the Nielsen Book Scan is very cool…I love that Amazon gave author’s this tool!