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Before you Sign the Book Contract…

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Privileged to have guest blogger today Mike Loomis on board. Mike has years of experience coaching clients and comes highly recommended by many in his respected field

Be sure you’ve retained the rights to the many spin-off possibilities, like:

– Curriculum
– Audio versions
– White papers
– Interactive mobile and tablet applications (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc)

This is not legal advice, but you might consider language to this effect:

“Author retains the right to create and sell products using the book title/subtitle, or related title, that Author chooses. This includes, but is not limited to, multimedia, interactive curriculum, mobile/handheld, audio and video media, and any future media…”

A publisher may want the rights to do these, and that could be good news, IF they commit to making them happen and marketing them. Even so, you might want to retain the right to work with the creative partners of your choice.

Bottom line: Don’t give away your message, and use all means possible to distribute it!