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Dani Johnson on Oprah

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Dani Johnson is appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show today to discuss her adventure on ABC’s new reality show, Secret Millionaire premiering March 6.

Fresh Impact PR Group had the privilege of working with Dani Johnson to develop her brand message and the opportunity of media coaching Dani for promotion of her book, “Grooming the Next Generation for Success”.  We shared with her several ‘success’ tips; I’d like to pass along a few to get you started on developing your brand and/or media training.

We coached Dani through a series of brand documents, substantial questions and on-target assessments to determine:

1.)    What we’re selling

2.)    Who we’re reaching

3.)    What language we’ll use to communicate the message

4.)    Who is our competition

Remember, you should be able to communicate your brand message (who you are, what you do, and what is the benefit to others) in seven words or less.

There are several items we discussed during her eight-hour media training session including defining her message, sound bites, answering questions, etc. but our favorite was handling difficult interviews. Some points that may help you to handle a difficult interview:

1.)    The reporter has 100% control over the questions they ask you but you have 100% control over the answer you give them. Focus on the control you do have and only say what you want to be heard.

2.)    Never repeat a reporter’s negative comment or question about you; it only reinforces the negative message. Be positive in all your comments.

3.)    What the pitch of your voice and don’t get defensive. Also watch your facial expressions; try not to appear frustrated, stunned or like you’re thinking of a good response (which is indicated when your eyes look upward).

4.)    If you don’t like the question the reporter asks you, in your head, rewrite the question to a question you do like and want to answer by selecting one word from the reporter’s question and focusing your response on that word.

Developing your brand message and being able to articulate that message on air is critical to successfully spreading your story and gaining loyalists. What are you doing today to move you one step closer to your success?