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Landing a Top Rated Interview

Submitted by on February 28, 2011 – 6:26 pmNo Comment

If you have a story you want to tell, you want press. Top rated press. At the end of the day, interviews will help you exponentially reach more people with your message.

There are many approaches to landing a national interview; however, there’s one important way that’s discussed less frequently in today’s new media world yet viable and, even though traditional, is more valuable to the reporter because of how many online stories are reported in a 24 hour making it of greater interest, and ease, to them! The tool: article submissions.

Today’s reporters are inundated with thousands of emails requesting interviews, tight deadlines, and providing more content than ever for online digital spaces. One way to make their job easier is to offer writing a solid article of value to them; it works as long as you have the right contact with the right angle.  If a reporter doesn’t have time for an interview, do their work for them and your success rate for landing a story will double. 

We approached a reporter at Fox Small Business with an article submission idea by client Brig Hart. The reporter was thrilled to have the professional advice and help. Here’s the result: Brig’s article landing on Fox’s Small Business Forum.  A homerun for the client and for the reporter.