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Luc Carl and ‘The Drunk Diet’ Book Deal: Indicative of Future Traditional Book Deals?

Submitted by on February 7, 2011 – 4:53 pmNo Comment

Musician, party promoter, and bar manager Lüc Carl has inked a book deal with St. Martin’s Press for a book about how he lost weight while drinking heavily, according to Galley Cat. Really? It’s interesting to note that at the bottom of this article, there are related articles of four other book deals: Rachel Cohn, Joe Lieberman, Glee Star Jane Lynch, and Jimmy Falon; all renowned personalities, not authors by trade with the exception of Rachel Cohn.

As all publishing models have been challenged over the last two years, traditional publishers have more- than-ever moved back to their safety nets of doing what they know to do: publish books by well-known celebrity types with considerable platforms and built-in audience base to sell books. Why else would St. Martin’s Press publish a book with party promoter Carl while prolific writers can’t strike a deal? (And yes, I know St. Martin’s is known for publishing provocative books, and this is why: because they sell!)

Authors view these book deals and ask us: does having a book published with a traditional publisher carry influence?  Will the public view you as more credible? Will it extend your brand presence?

There is no doubt having a well put together brand message as an author can certainly give new life to a brand or help launch one. However, having a book published with a traditional publisher doesn’t make you an expert (reference above ‘authors’). There are many viable options. It is really all about what you do with your book that makes you the expert; where and how you sell and market your book. Are you more interested in giving the appearance of being an expert or actually being one? Regardless of how you publish, focus on the details of how you’ll spread your message: built-in sales channels, platform (social media, network connections, speaking engagements, community, blog, media), online (YouTube, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn), and interviews.

This is where you can take a cue from the publishers, if you want to sell books, have the means to reach your audience. We can help.