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Want More Press Coverage? Here’s How…

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Do you want to become an expert resource that frequently gets included in reporter’s articles? Use sound bites or quotes that reporters love and you’ll be certain to make the print cut.

Client Matt Bell was quoted in today’s article by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for his new book, Money and Marriage. In the article Matt first stated, “One person will take the couple to the edge of a financial cliff by racking up a lot of debt”; this multi-faceted quote includes an analogy (i.e. ‘edge of a financial cliff’) that was an absolute (i.e. ‘racking up a lot of debt’) with bold action words. Matt concluded the thought with his second quotable, “By the time the other finds out, there’s a lot of debt, and all respect and trust is lost as well.” This quote has strong emotion (i.e. ‘all respect and trust is lost’), as well as an absolute (i.e. ‘there’s a lot of debt’).

To become a natural at using sound bites, go through print articles and online websites reviewing statements by authors, experts, and other professionals to see what quotable comments they’re saying.

I guarantee that in every quote you will find one of the following: bold action word, emotion, attack, cliché, humor, rhetorical question, analogy, pop culture reference, example and/or absolute. You’ll also notice people interviewed on television using these same references for their sound bites.

What quotable sound bites are you using? Begin to develop 2-3 quotes and sound bites for your message so you’ll be prepared the next time you’re interviewed.