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Monitoring Your Name

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When someone searches your name to find out more about you, what are they finding? Have you done a recent Google search on your name to see?

Google profile allows you to choose what someone sees when they search for you by customizing your information and photos; showcasing the real you. Google also lets you include within your profile links to external sites including your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Fan Page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube Channel, Google Reader, etc. By creating a Google profile and linking to the items you want people to see, it makes it easy for searchers to get to know you and find you. 

Do you have a Google profile? If not, I encourage you to create one. If you created your profile awhile back, revisit it and update it if necessary. You may also want to include links to your profile on sites like Quora.com. The more places a person can find you, the better – as long as it’s information about you that you want people to see.