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Nook Friends

Submitted by on April 25, 2011 – 2:28 pm2 Comments

The big news today was the update available to Nook users with the color device, this includes email and  web browsing.  Apparently, BN is getting creatively smart by allowing folks to share eBooks, create viral book clubs and share info to all their social networks to other Nook users.  So while the death of the physical book club has seemed to be a dying breed, once again the digital space continues to breathe new life into publishing. 

This means more changing, more adapting but is also means authors should be keeping a close watch on what is happening to the digital space more and more.  I still see some resistance by publishers to adapt to the shifts in the traditional space.  The social media space is now getting easier and easier to share information with followers but proving to be more difficult to keep track of all the changes.

Any Nook users out there who may have downloaded the update please let us know how it works?

This news of course comes on the heels of Amazon lending to libraries last week.  It can only mean another trend is on the way.  Get Ready!

  • My local librarian was happy to hear the news about Amazon lending!

  • Cathi, I bet a lot of librarians were happy about it. It helps to meet a need and still bring customers to their doors.