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The Digital Future is Now

Submitted by on April 11, 2011 – 1:40 pmNo Comment

The London Book Fair is going on this week and all the chatter is about digital books. More than ever publishers are changing their tactics; dialoguing what works and what doesn’t from app development to author percentages. 

What caught my eye the most are the comments made about marketing directly to consumers, a key factor that authors need to learn to survive all the trends happening in the industry. Authors need to continually educate themselves on what the market is dictating and enter intentionally into that space. 

Direct to consumer marketing essentially cuts old the middle man – bookstores. With devices being released faster than anyone can breathe, it’s best to learn now so you don’t get passed up. There is more to this than having a database of emails or trading your email list with someone else to sell more books. Most recently, I had an author tell me they were frustrated with all their fans on their Facebook page wanting free advice. Do you relate? This is actually an opportunity to build a relationship with a potential customer…the whole point of the page. Authors shouldn’t be selective or choose to have selective hearing when taking advice.  Do whatever it takes to learn and educate yourself on the trends.  Take some risks now, so when the next device comes out, you are leading the way instead of playing catch up.