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Local Support for Book Promotion Still Important

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Local Support for Book Promotion Still Important – Surprised by Love Launches to Raves in Tulsa Market:

There is great debate about local bookstore signings and if they matter anymore given the news that the remaining Borders stores may end up closing altogether, with the huge impact of eBook sales rising. However, in my opinion, brick-and-mortar stores still matter…at least for today.

Getting yourself in front of new customers as a local author is important for several reasons. My top two reasons: it helps authors get a better understanding of what it really does take to sell books and having a local presence as an author, while reaching for a national presence, is just smart marketing. Many times over the years we have had national stories break as a direct result from first having local coverage. Producers at all levels still keep a pulse on key markets and what is happening. Now more than ever, anyone can break a story. 

This weekend, Surprised by Love’s Barnes and Noble Tulsa bookstore signing was successful. The author sold books, met new customers and the store had solid foot traffic. Many people came as a direct result from the article Fresh Impact PR Group secured in the Tulsa World. Which brings up a common sense point, if you’re doing local events, make sure you have local media to support that event!

Having been in the book business for the last 13 years, we have watched the ebb and flow of trends rise and fall. No doubt, that tablets and eBooks will more than continue to put a hurting on brick-and-mortar stores, but for today we still believe signings are important. 

When was the last time you went into a bookstore?