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How To Get Your Story In The Huffington Post

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The Huffington Post, founded in May 2005 as a liberal answer to The Drudge Report, has become one of the largest online news sources in the United States drawing around 25 million visitors per month. Regardless of one’s conservative or liberal stance, many brands, authors, and personalities would love to have 25 million consumers reading their story. How exactly does one go about achieving this type of PR success?

Fresh Impact PR Group helped clients Dr. Jay and Julie Kent-Ferraro achieve this goal by offering The Huffington Post a guest blog by Dr. Jay.

It’s commonplace that publicists pitch stories to reporters – hundreds of stories all day long. But it’s also commonplace that the reporter may want to cover the topic with a slightly different angle, or with a different source who they believe is a better fit. It’s also possible that they may like a story recommendation but they simply don’t have the time to report on it.

As PR professionals, it is our goal to help both reporters and our clients by giving them what they want and need. By offering The Huffington Post, which needs remarkable news content continually, an attractive, intellectual, controversial blog by our client, who had carte blanche in his messaging, it was a win-win for both parties.

Actually, this scenario is ideal for any brand, author, or personality because the entire blog post is your message written by you, as opposed to an article written by the reporter with their perspective and where you may only be one resource quoted among many.

It simply doesn’t get any better when you can tell your story, in your own words, to a large publication with 25,000 viewers.

If you’ve tried getting in The Huffington Post by targeting a reporter and you aren’t having much success, try your hand at writing an irresistible blog or article and sending it into the reporter if you have a direct contact or into submissions.