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As the news began to break of the liquidation this week the outpouring followed.  Book lovers around the globe from the remaining 300 and some odd markets poured in.  As well as the book selling landscape that will continue to forever change. 

The Borders closing means a few things for a lot of people.  Online retail will continue to soar for booksellers as well as digital sales with eBooks.  We all know that though.  I guess the question I am asking myself is why did Borders hold on so long and not change?  Makes me think of a lot of clients I have worked with.  They want the same results without making the changes necessary to course correct sales.  Barnes and Noble will likely survive because it faced the changes sooner.  Folks will still have to drive a distance to find a store locally that has the book they want.  Not sure how long that will last.  For Indie Stores, it still means continuing to change and adapt to drive traffic. 

I recently stopped in a top Indie store in Madison, CT called R.J Julia Bookseller’s. Anyone worth their weight in publishing typically makes a stop at this store.  Their solution for driving traffic for ‘A’ author signings has been charging a ticketed price fee.  That cost of the ticket goes towards the purchase of the book.  For them, it has been working.  I was glad to hear it.  I could spend an entire day in that store and quite frankly we have.  Just this week my kids road their bikes to the store for ‘Ice Cream Day’ and loved it!  

New techniques will continue to pop up but the same holds true for selling books.  You still have to have a good story to tell and a well written book.  Social media helps as do a myriad of other tools but it is not the answer more another tool.  I have yet to have one author since the rise of social media rave about book sales from social media.  We use social media all day long and it has its place for spreading news and connecting as well as brand recognition.  The truth is retail sales are an uphill battle right now no matter what author you are pushing! 

Tells us your favorite bookstore memory of a Border’s near you?  Let me ask you this as well, are you stopping by for their liquidation sale?