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#Amazon Kindle Fire Released Today

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The tablet market is continuing to skyrocket not only with sales but new devices.  What does this mean for the book publishing industry?  It means Amazon will continue to own the online space and now even more.  For publishers it means Amazon will more and more become the publisher and largest distribution channel out.

In a call this week I almost laughed when I heard a client say they have relationships with all the major retailers.  That is language that really doesn’t exist anymore because it no longer carriers the weight it did even as little as a year ago.

Authors and publishers need to really think outside of the box with the marketing, public relations and sales strategies.  It also means publishers are going to continue to tighten their belt not only in budgets but with authors they publish…fewer titles with stronger platforms.

If you are a self published author or looking to break into the market it is great news for you!  This means a level playing field for everyone, except for those who use forward thinking.